Do your hardwood floors appear rough and dirty with lack of shine? Maybe it’s time to clean your hardwood floors and restore their luster. Depending on how busy your floors are, you should consider cleaning them 1-3 times per year for most hardwood floors.

You want to keep your hardwood floors clean and looking new. Like other types of flooring, wood floors should be professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically. There are a number of reasons that your wood floors lose their shine and become dull looking. For the entry ways, the most abused floors in your home, it's the dirt, sand, and moisture accumulation that wears on the floor. In other areas of your home, normal traffic starts to show the signs of dulling. That's why it's recommended that your hardwood floors be professionally cleaned and polish periodically.

Emerald Elite Carpet Care offers  Wood Floor Cleaning Service that can extend the life of your wood floors while leaving them clean and shiny after every service. Our Wood Floor Care commercial grade cleaners eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can weaken wood flooring and eventually lead to costly repairs.

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